I started using unreal suddenly for an urgent project where I had very little time to pull off a project. I knew that I can’t complete that project with a traditional pipeline. Besides, I saw plenty of video (Besides most of the video that I watched) on YouTube about real-time rendering in Unreal Engine. So I decide to use Unreal Engine for that project. So here I’m trying to list a couple of important things that you must know while starting your project in Unreal. 

  1. Unreal Engine’s default unit measurement system is cm (centimetre)
  2. Data Smith export do the Unit conversion automatically (So if you want the same scale in both side, change 3ds max unit system to cm) 
  3. Data smith is smart enough to mimic the same material in UE4 but in case you want to know detail, you can take a look at this imageVray Material vs Unreal Material
  4. Unreal Engine 4.22 does not support instanced light from 3ds Max, UE4 will import all light as individual light. 
  5. Unreal Engine 4.22 with data smith support 3ds Max Animation, In order to view the animation you need to open the Animation folder in your asset browser in Unreal Engine.
  6. Data smith create UV when exporting so do not try to make UV for the first pass if you see any problem in auto-created UV only then go back to 3ds Max and make UV for that specific object only.